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The platform is a great alternative in cases where sellers, landlords, buyers or tenants do not wish to partake in a physical viewing or don’t have time to conduct viewing after viewing themselves. Without having to inconvenience the seller or current tenant, we can professionally conduct each viewing via the Smart Viewing video conferencing platform and show prospective buyers or tenants around a property. Smart Viewing will ensure that we can answer all questions people may have about the property or spend more time looking at aspects of the property in more detail with the potential new buyer or tenant. At present we are unable to offer any in person viewings due to the Welsh Assembly Regulations but it is anticipated that when the market does re-open, it will follow the UK Government’s guideline of carrying out the first viewing online, thereby minimising unnecessary contact. 

You may be wondering how the Smart Viewing process works. Click here and watch our demo video. The prospective buyer or tenant will contact us to request a virtual viewing, selecting a date and time that suits them, whether that is straight away or at a future date. They will then receive an email with an invitation to join the viewing via their laptop, PC, tablet or mobile. If they are happy with the property, they can then proceed to book a physical viewing post lockdown.  

The service will potentially save a property owner and the viewer’s time as it can be used to eliminate properties that don’t meet the buyer or tenant’s expectations. It can be frustrating for people to make unnecessary trips to see properties that don’t fulfil what they are looking for, especially when the market re-opens with the current COVID-19 viewing guidelines in place. The platform will help buyers and tenants to shortlist the properties they really want to view physically, The fact that it is an interactive platform with a professional agent there to guide an applicant through a property and answer questions in real-time, will further assist people in the decision making process when making their shortlist.

Following the announcement by Mark Drakeford, we have used the last week to ensure that we are as ready as we can be for when the market goes live. The latest sentiment tracker produced by Yomdel following the re-opening of the market in England shows that positive interest on property agent websites from tenants, buyers, landlords and sellers has increased to levels beyond the malaise that was caused by Brexit which is encouraging. Of note, is  buyer interest coming from the South West and the South East and particularly those seeking gardens and outside spaces.

We have installed safety screens in the office and have PPE available for the staff to use when they need to conduct appointments. The team are briefed in safe working practices and we are already getting contractors to complete Health Assessment forms when they attend properties. You can read our updated safety policy here and for our company Covid-19 risk assessment, click here.



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