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The BBC are reporting that, according to Zoopla, rents are rising at the fastest pace since 2008 across the UK, with rents up by 7% in Wales.

Abergavenny has always been a very popular town for people relocating to more rural living, but we have witnessed a huge influx over the last 18 months. Harriet Eccles, our Head of Lettings, has stated “Where there is a high demand and not enough supply, which is the situation we are experiencing at present, rental prices are achieving in excess of rents we have ever known in the locality. Demand is far outweighing supply and rental stock levels are very low, which in turn is pushing rental prices up”.

Read the full BBC Article here.

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As the nights are becoming darker and longer this month, it’s important to think about making sure that your property is safe and secure when you’re not at home and importantly, check out the drives and paths so that when you do arrive home, you can avoid any obstacles on your drive or front path at night.  Whether you’re selling your home or just want to be prepared, here are our top 10 property safety and security tips for you:


  1. Have a look around the perimeter of your home in daylight and check that paths and drives are kept free of clutter and garden debris.  Leaves can cause paths to become slippery when they’re wet and you might not see them in the dark.
  2. If you have external lighting, test the lightbulbs to make sure they are working. Think about installing a security light which comes on when someone approaches the property.
  3. If you are returning when it’s dark, think about leaving a porch light on, if you have one, or a lamp in one of the rooms at the front of the house so you can see what you are doing.
  4. Carry a torch in your bag or pocket in case the lights are not working when you get home.
  5. If the property is empty, consider leaving a radio on and put timers on lights so it gives the impression that someone is home.
  6. Keep the doors and side gates to the property locked and don’t leave the keys somewhere that they can be seen.
  7. If you are away, ask with a friend or neighbour to pop in and pick the mail up so it’s not left lying around.
  8. Don’t leave tools or garden implements lying around as this could encourage people to walk into your garden.
  9. Don’t leave valuables in your car where they can be seen.
  10. Ensure you have adequate home and contents insurance and notify your insurance company if you’re going to be away for a prolonged period as it might invalidate your insurance.
Following recent news of a vicar whose house was sold by a fraudster whilst away, did you know that HM Land Registry offers a FREE property alert service?
This service monitors your property and will send you an alert if Land Registry receives an application to change the register as well as if an official searches is requested.
Register here to protect yourself against the fraudulent sale of your property.

Many property investors dream of taking a run-down property and turning it into a beautiful home. Not only is there a great sense of achievement to be had, but money can be made in property renovations. Finding the right home and spending the right amount of money can lead to healthy returns.

The Guild of Property Professionals has out together a guide to help you profit from your property renovations, which you can read here.

On World Kindness Day 2021, we're celebrating the work that our chosen charity, Ty Hafan, does providing palliative care for children with life limited conditions and their families in our community. Thank you Ty Hafan, for your unfailing support and care.
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